Executive Director: oversees Daughters Of Kenya Administration and Programmes, Liaison with the donor, managing project start up, recruitment, introduction and implementation of systems, moving into direction of DOK programs in terms of strategic planning and Presenting reports directly to the Board of Trustees. The ED is supported by the strategic team. 

Programmes Manager: The Programmes Manager is the effective day to day manager of Daughter programmes; overseeing the relationship with stakeholders giving them guidance and support at all levels of implementation and management.

Livelihood Project Officer: The LPO coordinates activities between the target groups and Coach them on Economic Development, Livelihood and Resilience.

Psychosocial Support (PSS) Officer: The PSS officer is responsible for implementation of the psychosocial support component of the project.

Community Mobilization and Advocacy Officer: He/she is in charge of community mobilization and advocacy. He/she is the link between the office and the community and undertakes advocacy activities at the community level.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer: The M&E officer is in charge of all aspects of M&E activities of the project. He/she ensures that an M&E framework for the project is developed and that all the indicators are well monitored with good data capturing systems.

Finance Officer: Works closely with the programmes manager and is responsible for the day to day financial activities of the project; data entry into the accounts software, preparing financial transactions, preparing program advances, preparing staff payroll and benefits.

 Communication Officer: He/she is in charge of DOK communication and documentation. He/she is the link between the office and the media and will support in developing information, education and communication materials used at the community level.

Administrative and HR Officer: He/she is in charge of the office day to day administrative and human resource activities. He/she ensures that human resource requirements and office operations are carried out in a smooth manner.