Daughters Of Kenya a non-profit making charitable Trust organization guided by Christian Values, Ethics and Principles working towards improving and changing the lives of the vulnerable girls and young mothers in Kenya.

Daughters Of Kenya (formerly known as Kenyan Daughter Trust Network) was established as a Kenyan Charitable Foundation, having been incorporated under the Trustees (Perpetual Succession) Act Cap 164 of the Laws of Kenya. Daughters of Kenya was founded in June 2016 and later re-registered on November 3, 2016. The Founder Ms. Knight Muteti Langat was motivated by the difficult challenges she underwent after the demise of her father on June 1, 2012, that left her half-orphaned which contributed to her passion to support other vulnerable girls and young mothers with similar situations or even worse.


Daughters of Kenya believe in family and therefore working to ensuring that Every Vulnerable girl and Young mother should experience the love and security that only a family can provide. We guide care-givers and other guardians in various ways to ensure a strong bond and a happy girl despite their status. We are working towards an excellent life and therefore welcome new partners and believe that together, we can achieve better results!







To see  Vulnerable Girls and young mothers realize their full potential


Daughters of Kenya is an organization built on Christian values that creates models to Rescue, Educate, Empower  vulnerable girls and young mothers in Kenya. We contribute to Improved well – being of girls and young mothers in risky situations.

Our mission focuses on the following programmes:

Livelihood and Economic Empowerment for Sustainability; End Violence Against Girls; and Education

Core values

Love: Show compassionate to the vulnerable girls and young mothers

Respect: Respect and dignity for the vulnerable girls and young mothers at all spheres of life

Hope: Give the vulnerable girls and young mothers hope for a bright future in challenging life circumstances



Transparency and accountability to the high most God in everything we do

Teamwork:  We believe in the acceleration of efforts to achieve goals efficiently and effectively

Excellence:  We strive to do everything with excellence



Daughters of Kenya (DOK) is guided by the following ideas;
1. Justice

2. Unity

3. Integrity

4. Courage

5. Excellence


Organization Interventions & Objectives

The Object of the Trust Organization is to improve the social well-being of the vulnerable girls and young mothers. We do this through focusing our interventions in seeking to:
1. Promote access to education for the Vulnerable Girl Child in Kenya.
2. Rescue the Kenyan Girl Child from threats and negative impacts of early marriages.
3. Promote positive actions and movements against Female Genital Mutilation.
4. Offer life skills, financial literacy and entrepreneur skills to the Kenyan Vulnerable girls and Young Mothers.
5. Create community awareness on the challenges facing the vulnerable girls and young mothers in Kenya.
6. Partner with other social organizations and government agencies and international donors and network in improving the welfare of the vulnerable girl and young mother.
7. Work towards a society that is free of behavioral challenges emanating from prostitution, drug abuse, child or underage employment, and social accountability.