Project Description

Our interventions on ending violence against girls are two-fold: addressing Female Genital Mutilation and Ending Early/ Child Marriages
Female genital mutilation (FGM) as a gender issue in Kenya impacts negatively on the girl child. Girls in areas where FGM is practiced suffer common problems associated with it, such as early marriage, dropping out of school and other numerous physical and psychological type of sufferings. Female genital mutilation is practiced in more than that fifty percent of Kenyans district with tribes such as Samburu, Embu, Kenya Somalis, and Maasai circumcising almost all their women. This has negative impacts particularly on the young women’s educational pursuit and the quality of lives they live.
Early child marriages are common in Kenya. The child bride is denied the love and care of her family. The girl child in this situation is exposed to trauma causing sexual experiences and also after the break up with the child brides ends up destitute in the streets or as barmaids and possibly sex workers. Girls in rural areas are more likely to be married before 18 years than their peers who live in urban areas.
To address these issues, Daughters of Kenya has established working relationships with strategic agencies including the Ministry of Gender and Social Services as well as the National Anti-FGM Board to run community-level advocacy and awareness building programmes to reverse these retrogressive practices.