Project Description

The focus Daughters Of Kenya’s livelihood and economic empowerment for sustainability programme is on five thematic areas namely; Catering, Hairdressing and Beauty, Dressmaking and Fashion Design, Basic Digital and Computer Training and Farming Activities. The focus on these sectors is purposeful. They do not require high educational requirements to achieve. They are also, relatively affordable to enroll the young girls compared to other professional pursuits.
The vulnerable girls and young mothers are formally registered into Community-Based Organizations and Self-Help Groups of fifteens in Huduma Centre as they continue with their training. Each group is helped to open a bank account where they are encouraged to bank regularly for a period of six months or more. Once the vulnerable girls and young mothers have completed their training, they graduate into a position of accessing the government funds namely; Women Enterprise Fund, Affirmative Action Fund, Uwezo Fund and Youth Fund. These funds enable them to begin their personal businesses as trained and provide for their families and communities at large. Daughters Of Kenya does monitoring and evaluation for a period of one to three years depending on the project hence ensuring sustainability. By 2020, Daughters Of Kenya in Partnership with the Ministry of Public Services, Youth and Gender Affairs seeks to improve and change the lives of more than 300 vulnerable girls and young mothers through informal education of capacity building and training to enable them access public services that change their lives forever.